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TMJ and Other Disorders

Learn about TMJ and TMD, various sleep disorders, and the benefits of dental orthopedics.

Dr. Gary Demerjian

Dr. G. Gary Demerjian started his practice in 1990. Since 2004, he has focused his practice on the treatment of TMJ Disorders, Headaches, Facial Pain, Sleep Apnea and Movement Disorders. He did research at UCLA School of Dentistry, Department of Oral Biology as a Project Scientist and has published several articles, research papers and a book in the field of TMJ and Airway Disorders. Dr. Demerjian’s research focus was on how the trigeminal nerve is connected to neurologic and movement disorders such as Cervical Dystonia. His philosophy is to develop and utilize non-surgical TMJ treatments to treat and manage the jaw joints long term without making permanent Dental bite changes or recommending surgery.

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